5:00 PM arrival

featured: big table farm pinot gris

Join guests on the lawn and start the evening with a refreshing taste of local wine

In addition to making incredible wine, the farmers at Big Table Farm raise their own hogs, beef and cattle on their draft-horse powered farm. Their wines are consistently awarded some of the highest ratings in the country.

Tour the milking parlor

featured: fresh raw milk paired with homemade raw butter on bread

Step inside Champoeg Creamery's milking parlor for a hands-on experience

Cross 'milk a cow' off your bucket list during this immersive tour in the milking parlor. Discover the controversy within the dairy industry and how Charlotte is championing raw milk to support both farmers & consumers around the world.

Appetizers & tastings

featured: big table farm, ridgewalker brewing & kombucha

Experience the best of Oregon's craft beverage industry

Taste award-winning Pinot Noir wine, craft beer or kombucha while sampling farm-fresh hors d'oeuvres. Start conversations with your new-found friends or relax in a secluded corner of the farm to enjoy the peace of small farm life.

Dinner with Joel

featured: champoeg creamery pastured beef tenderloin

Savor food, wine & conversation

Laugh, cry and be inspired during this memorable dinner with Joel Salatin, America's most famous farmer. Reignite your passion for change and honor the the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund's tireless work to support small farmers around the country.